Bohemian Barn Wedding

1Grace and Andrew lives in West Virginia, but both of them met and were engaged in New Zealand (where Andrew originally lived).Both of them knew already that some of their guests would be travelling half-way around to world no matter where the wedding was going to be held so they decided on having a Bohemian barn wedding along the river banks of New River George. It was really important for them to maximize the wedding experience as this would be one of the few moments that their families from American and New Zealand would actually meet for the very first time. That’s why they thought of having a 3 day affair where everyone could enjoy and relax while in the process of getting to know each other. I really like all the Boho fabrics as well as other whimsical elements incorporated on the design. I also love the bride’s Grace Love Lace wedding gown which she bought all the way from the land down under. Here’s what the couple can say about their inspiration for the wedding:

Our idea of the wedding came from some of the things we both love while maintaining the rustic feel and the wooden settings while planning on the design. We tried to keep all the colors as soft and natural as possible. Basically, our goal was to let everyone feel the coziness of West Virginia and have a wonderful family bonding experience. You can see all the aspects of being eclectic, random, fun, casual, adventurous, and outgoing on the wedding which really defined what we are as a couple.

Many thanks to Keary Dee for providing all these pretty photos of the wedding celebration and best wishes to Andrew and Grace!

5 2 3All the bridesmaids were allowed to wear the dress of their choice from Free People and each of them were given crystal necklaces by Grace so that they could all wear them on her big day.

9 6 7 89Our choice of music – Processional: “Child” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Recessional: “Follow The Sun” by Xavier Rudd, First Dance: ”Just A Boy” by Angus and Julia Stone

21 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20The scenic views along the West Virginia riverbanks provided a perfect backdrop for all the pictures on the wedding. I simply admire these cute post-ceremony photos of Grace and Andrew…

2123  22From Grace… I love everything that has Gypsy, Moroccan, and Indian styles so I incorporated these elements on the garlands and in the table settings. My sisters had so much fun gathering old bottles from the many antique shops in West Virginia and my brother made us this antler chandelier so that we could dance underneath it. I was also able to use some of the old items from my home and all of these had a great sentimental value to me.

26 24 25The couple worked with Jessica Sloane and she was able to provide them with some design assistance even if she’s far away. This is a great idea for those who are about to get married on a remote location but couldn’t afford to hire a stylist to help with the designing chores for the wedding day.

36 27 29 30 31 33 34Our most favorite part of the wedding – Exchanging our vows would have to be the most significant part of the wedding for us. I saw the emotion just by looking at Andrew’s eyes and word cannot express what it meant to me. I was happy to be married with my best friend. The silent moments we had as we both hold each other hands while the photographer was taking the pictures – that too was very awesome.

BUT… If we had to pick just one thing (it’s a bit tricky)… The good times that we had with both of our families, dancing barefoot at the barn, and listening to the Americana music – These are some of the things that really made the evening unforgettable!

3738 Wedding advice – Be true to yourself and do what you feel doing. This way, you will be happy when look back and reminisce at all these things. This is your day! You can be whatever you want to be! Focus only on what really matters and accept the fact that some things wrong at the course of the evening.

Photography: Keary Dee Photography | Venue: The Confluence Resort, Hico, West Virginia | Rentals: Salvaged to Sassy | Floral design: Bessie’s Floral Designs | Wedding dress: Grace Loves Lace | Jewelry: Callisto Jewelry | Shoes: Walkaholics | Bridesmaid dresses: Free People | Hair + makeup: DIY | Groom Suit: Zanerobe | Catering: Gourmet on the Gorge | Music: The Wild Rumpus


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Goose Island Wedding At Gallery 1028

Let’s hold on for minute and talk about how awesome was this wedding that was held at the beautiful Goose Island. How the bride came to be the most beautiful thing you’d ever laid your eyes on, the Gallery 1028 which was absolutely fantastic with its neutral shades, the soft lights brought about by candles that would surely leave you breathless. And just when you’re about to get caught with all of the crazy gorgeousness, let just spend this time admiring at the photos that was takes during this very special day.

17 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16From the Bride… Bob and I have known each other for 10 years and we both lived in the suburban Chicago state. When we were engaged, we knew that we wanted a small wedding with our family and friends. As we made our guest list, we soon realized that there are more people who are going to attend our wedding than we expected. Even so, we still want our wedding to be intimate despite the additional number of guests and we wanted it to have lots of fun. We knew instantly that it would be a fall wedding as this is our favorite season of the year.

We search for our venue and when I saw Gallery 1028, I knew then that it would be the perfect place for the wedding. The look and feel of the place was just right as if there was a hidden gem in the middle of the city that we never knew about. We walked to a loading dock, but then I immediately saw an awesome place with antique floors, high ceilings, and beams. It would be a great place to install big chandeliers and immediately imagine the area to be filled with big and small candles on the tables, along the beams and other areas on the floor, and on the aisle. I knew then that this was the right place for our wedding. We chose simple linens to adorn the area along with flowers to balance the dark shade of the flooring and the beams. We had marble tulip tables at the lounge area as well as white sofa and chairs to create a more up to date look. We also had lightings done by P.J. Studio AG and they hanged café lights along the brick walls just below the spot where we are going to be married. They also placed the lights around the beams and on the floor to create a romantic feel of the whole area. This was our last minute addition to the details on our wedding.

All of my friends say that I’m a color-phobic so all of the hues incorporated were mostly neutral colors in varying textures. The bridesmaids draped themselves with Trina Turk cocktail dress in rose gold colors and their gowns were picked up from Bloomingdale’s. Most of the color bore white, ivory, champagne, and a little bit of gold all over the place. There were also feather wreaths that were hanging on our chairs and garlands dressed in gold, ivory tassel, and blush which were placed on the entry way of the area. We also had gold, blush, ivory woven table runners placed on every table. I started collecting them last year.

As for the details that added a more intimate aura on the occasion, we had Russel and Hazel made gilded cards and asked all of our guests to leave a message and advice to us newlyweds, instead of having the usual guest book. This was really special and we really enjoyed reading all of their messages after we got home from our honeymoon. We also had our signature drinks made for both of us (Bob had a Classic Manhattan and I had a vodka infused with rosemary and mixed with soda water and grapefruit juice) and it was placed in our gold furbished “Mr. and Mrs.” glasses. My cousin was the one who officiated the wedding and that’s why it’s even more special. For late night treats, my aunt brought us some chocolate chip cookies packed in kraft bakery bags with our custom stamps courtesy of Mae Mae Paperie.

We had our fist view of the PUBLIC hotel which is a historical landmark in Chicago. We wanted to have our special moment before the party and we were certain that this was the ideal place to do it as it is one of my fave spots in Chicago. Bob’s surprised the both of us when she had our bulldog made a surprise appearance on some of our wedding photos. I was tensed, but I simply looked at Bob and I already at ease.

The Gallery 1028 was completely transformed and it took my breath away from an instant. Everybody told me that everything would happen quickly and it did. I’m glad that all of the elements came in together and I got happier when all of our loved ones were there to celebrate this day with us.

Wedding Gown: Ulla Maija | Cake: Swedish Bakery | Invitations: Studio 255 | Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade | Bridesmaid Dresses: Trina Turk | Hair Stylist: Garret Koski-Budabin | Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss | Floral & Decor: Studio AG Design | Loft: Gallery 1028 | Makeup: Dori Mae

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